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Liyue Shen
Liyue ShenAssistant Professor (effective 9/1/23)Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

I will be joining the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at The University of Michigan as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2023. I am looking for self-motivated Ph.D. students to join my group in Fall 2023. Please feel free to reach out if you are interested! See more details here.

Liyue Shen is an incoming assistant professor in the ECE Division of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department of the College of Engineering, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. 

She is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School. She received her Ph.D. degree from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, co-advised by Prof. John Pauly and Prof. Lei Xing. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Tsinghua University in 2016. She is the recipient of Stanford Bio-X Bowes Graduate Student Fellowship (2019-2022), and was selected as the Rising Star in EECS by MIT and the Rising Star in Data Science by The University of Chicago in 2021.

Her research interest is in Biomedical AI, which lies in the interdisciplinary areas of machine learning, computer vision, signal and image processing, medical image analysis, biomedical imaging, and data science. She is particularly interested in developing efficient and reliable AI/ML-driven computational methods for biomedical imaging and informatics to tackle real-world biomedicine and healthcare problems, including but not limited to, personalized cancer treatment, and precision medicine.

She co-organized the Woman in Machine Learning (WiML) workshop at ICML’ 21, and the Machine Learning for Healthcare (ML4H) workshop at NeurIPS’ 21. In MICCAI’ 21, she co-taught the tutorial on Deep 2D-3D Modeling and Learning in Medical Image Computing.

Selected Publications

Please see my Google Scholar Profile for an up-to-date list.

(*) denotes equal contribution

NeRP: Implicit Neural Representation Learning with Prior Embedding for Sparsely Sampled Image Reconstruction
Liyue Shen, John Pauly, Lei Xing.
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (TNNLS), 2022.

Solving Inverse Problems in Medical Imaging with Score-Based Generative Models
Yang Song*, Liyue Shen*, Lei Xing, Stefano Ermon.
International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), 2022.

Attention-Guided Deep Learning for Gestational Age Prediction using Fetal Brain MRI
Liyue Shen*, Jimmy Zheng*, Edward Lee, Michelle Han, Katie Shpanskaya, Emily McKenna, Dinko Plasto, Courtney Mitchell, Lillian Lai, Carolina Guimaraes, Hisham Dahmoush, Jane Chueh, Safwan Halabi, John Pauly, Lei Xing, Quin Lu, Ozgur Oztekin, Beth Kline-Fath, Kristen Yeom.
Scientific Reports, 2022.

Novel-View X-ray Projection Synthesis through Geometry-Integrated Deep Learning
Liyue Shen, Lequan Yu, Wei Zhao, John Pauly, Lei Xing.
Medical Image Analysis (MedIA), 2021.

GLoRIA: A Multimodal Global-Local Representation Learning Framework for Label-efficient Medical Image Recognition
Shih-Cheng Huang*, Liyue Shen*, Matthew Lungren, Serena Yeung.
International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2021.

Multi-Domain Image Completion for Random Missing Input Data
Liyue Shen, Wentao Zhu, Xiaosong Wang, Lei Xing, John Pauly, Daguang Xu.
IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (TMI), 2020.

Patient-Specific Reconstruction of Volumetric Computed Tomography Images from a Single Projection View via Deep Learning
Liyue Shen*, Wei Zhao*, Lei Xing.
Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2019.

Scaling Human-Object Interaction Recognition through Zero-Shot Learning
Liyue Shen, Serena Yeung, Judy Hoffman, Greg Mori, Li Fei-Fei.
IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2018.