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Liyue Shen
Liyue ShenAssistant ProfessorElectrical Engineering and Computer Science

Research Scope

The research of our lab is in Biomedical AI, which lies in the interdisciplinary areas of machine learning, computer vision, signal and image processing, medical image analysis, biomedical imaging, and data science.

  • In the filed of AI/ML, we focus on developing reliable, generalizable, data-efficient machine learning and deep learning algorithms by exploiting prior knowledge from the physical world, such as:
    • Prior-integrated learning for data-efficient ML
    • Uncertainty awareness for trustworthy ML
  • In the field of Biomedicine, we focus on developing efficient computational methods for biomedical imaging and biomedical data analysis to advance precision medicine and personalized treatment, such as:
    • Multi-modal data analysis for decision making
    • Clinical trial translation for real-world deployment

Research Goal

Our goal is to develop efficient and reliable AI/ML-driven computational methods for biomedical imaging and informatics to tackle real-world biomedicine and healthcare problems. We hope the technology advancement in AI and ML can help us to better understand human health in different levels.